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How much will it cost to repair my Receiver or Amplifier?

Obviously that depends a lot on what kind of problem your amplifier or receiver has, if you've jumped the main fuse with foil, or put pennies in the speaker protect fuses, or how many windows you had to open to let all the smoke out...

Seriously though, you can find our labor rates HERE, so the only question would be the cost of parts. Feel free to send us an e-mail describing your symptoms and we would be happy to give you an approximation of what the total might be.


How can buy a new receiver for $200 !

Well my friend, while that may be true, do remember that you do get what you pay for. Many of the older units just have a sound that you wont easily replace with a unit made in China, Taiwan or Malaysia!


How can I tell if my receiver/ amplifier is worth repairing?

The first indication of whether to invest any money in your unit - is it's age. The older the unit, the more likely it is that you DO want to spend money on it. The second indication is it's weight. If it requires both hands to pickup, and you risk a hernia lifting it... Its definitely something you want to invest in. If your receiver has a dial string tuner, you wont easily replace it's sound with what is available today for less than $600. The older units just have a warm, smooth sound to them, unlike the harshness found so commonly in the stores today. While the older Receivers and Amplifiers may not have the latest Dolby or be THX certified, the sound they put out is beyond compare. Comparing these Vintage Receivers and Amplifiers to today's Hi-Tech toys is like comparing apples to oranges - they are in completely different leagues. If you want a home theater experience - go buy the home theater stuff. If you want some nice listening music or want to rock, then these Vintage Receivers and Amplifiers are for you. Of course, you CAN have both... One room for theater, the other for listening to vinyl or CD's.

It should be noted that not only do we specialize in Vintage Receivers & Amplifier Repair, but we also repair Home Theater and Hi-End Amplifiers and Receivers. I've personally been doing this for over 30 years. Experience rules. We fix things to last - it's what we do.


Do You Repair Professional & Hi-End Audio Amps/ Receivers?

With over 30 years of experience, which includes working at the Panasonic Professional Equipment Repair Depot in Secaucus, NJ. Besides there, my vast experience includes working on all Professional audio, including mixers, amplifiers - both solid-state and tubes. You'll hear many a tech say "I need the manual". While that may be true in a FEW instances, over the years I've developed methods and skills that allow me to repair many items without a service manual. That takes years of experience and some serious skill, my friend. TOOT TOOT - (tooting my own horn here)


Do You Perform Mods Or Replace Caps, Resistors, Etc.
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Absolutely! If you were to remove the covers off of any unit that we work on, not only would you NOT be able to see evidence of anyone having worked on it, but you'll also notice how neat and clean everything is. We don't just slap parts in and move on. We take time to make sure they fit properly and are nice and straight. Something else that is little known in the industry is the order in which parts are arranged on the circuit board. Take the resistors for instance: resistors on a circuit board are always aligned in the same direction - the tolerance band is always on one side or the other for ALL resistors on the board - it looks uniform, clean and very nice. All you have to do is look. While the arrangement of resistors is cosmetic - it speaks to the quality and workmanship of the technician that worked on it. - it's what we do.

As for replacing capacitors or resistors or performing upgrades, we usually give you choices on the type of resistors or capacitors that you'd like to have installed. Whether it's Vishay, Nichicon, Rubicon, Panasonic, or quality mylars, film capacitors, Burr-Brown op-amps, etc.

We can also replace the wiring - if that's something you'd like to do. Another big thing is the Lead-Free solder which is becoming an increasingly large issue. Lead-Free solder, despite what you may have heard or been told, WILL fail - it's not a good connection. In fact, the Military and NASA will NEVER, EVER use lead-free solder. The solder joints in lead-free solder crack over time and become intermittent. I just removed all the solder off of all the circuit boards in an Avalon Pre-amp - lots of work. But there were so many cold solder joints - it had to be done. Not so with a good quality eutectic solder. This solder is formulated so that all the metals in the solder form a solid AT THE SAME TIME. This is not true with any other type of solder - other types wont solidify evenly. Hence, eutectic solder forms a more stable electrical connection that will last for decades upon decades. Now you can see why lead-free solder will never become mil-spec.


Why should I choose AVRepair for repair service?
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Good technicians are getting hard to come by. Many of the older technicians have long since retired, and there are so many kids out there that think they know what they are doing - but end up ruining - RUINING peoples equipment. They come up with stories like: Parts aren't available any longer. Too many problems - it'll be too expensive to repair.

High Schools and Vocational Schools use to have an electronics program to teach students all about electronics. Not so today. All they learn about is computers or tablets, and even then all they learn is how to swap out parts. You can teach a monkey to swap out parts!

I've learned over the years the proper way to repair things. Stuff they don't teach you in class. One of the most ignored rule of amplifier repair is to replace both (or all 4) the outputs when one fails. But I continue to receive units that have had previous repair work and only one output was replaced! It's simple stuff like this that make the difference between properly repairing your unit for the long haul, or just slapping it out the door in a hurry for a buck. I take my time repairing these units, and do things the proper way. In fact, when I'm done repairing a unit, you wont even know I was there. I make it look factory, 'cause lets face it, I worked at the factory, so I know how!

You'll be hard pressed to find a more qualified repair service technician with the experience and talents to repair your receiver, amplifier or vintage audio piece.  

If you're wanting your baby repaired right, with the proper parts - with the proper care - and with plenty of experience - you've found the right place!

So, who would you rather choose to repair your amplifier, receiver, or vintage audio piece?


How much do you charge for Estimates?
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The estimate fee is $30.00, and is waived if your unit is repaired. No need to pay this up front - we can settle up later.

Beware of "free" estimates - these guys just shoot you a price and hope you'll go for it. They never take the time to actually troubleshoot. That's something they'll do later - and then call you back and ask for more money!


How much do you charge for Return Shipping?
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That depends a lot on how heavy your unit is, and how far the package needs to travel, and if it requires double boxing (common). You can expect, at a minimum that you'll paying $20 on the return trip.

We only charge what it costs us to ship, plus a negligible amount for packing.


What do I do next?
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If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service on the Navigation bar, to continue.



Labor Rates  ^ Top
    Minor Major  
$90 $120 /up  
$120 $150 /up  
Complete Restoration
$250 /up ---  
  Labor Rates Exclude Parts
All Repairs Include Cleaning, Lubrication, and a Six Month Warranty!
Ask about our optional One Year Warranty.

Stereo Repair, Receiver Repair and Vintage Audio Repair at AV Repair



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