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With over 30 years of professional experience in Sony Camcorder Repair, you'll be hard pressed to find a more competent repair service center for your Sony Camcorder. With outstanding customer service and extraordinary workmanship guarantees, you'll get more usage out of your camcorder, and hang on to more of your hard earned money.

Your unit will be in the hands of our most experienced technician - Cameron. Once on the bench, he'll determine what parts and how much labor is needed to properly repair your Sony camcorder. Expect an email from him with all the pertinent information and an estimate for the cost of repairs. You'll be able to communicate with him should you have any questions or concerns that you wish to have addressed.

Here are some common Sony Error codes:

C:31:10 / C:31:11 C:32:10 / C:32:11
C:31:20 C:32:20
C:31:21 C:31:22
C:32:22 C:31:23
C:32:23 C:32:30
C:31:40 C:32:40
Intermittent Sound in Playback Intermittent Blocky Playback
No Picture in Camera mode Tape Stuck
Washed Out Picture Weird Streaked Picture

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What are your Labor Rates?

          C:31:10 / C:31:11  ^ Top
C:32:10 / C:32:11 Tape loading failure. Unit cannot complete the load cycle - LOAD / UNLOAD

This can indicate both a mechanical malfunction and an electrical failure. With newer models, the entire mechanical assembly will need to be replaced. With older models, this is more than likely a mechanical problem; either a bent lever, guide, stripped gear, or a defective cam switch. . Labor is intermediate to major, and parts average $125 for newer models, and about $70 for older models.

          C:31:20 Take-up reel side tape slacking when unloading.  ^ Top
C:32:20 " "
C:31:21 Supply reel side tape slacking when unloading..
C:32:21 " "
C:31:22 Take-up reel fault
C:32:22 " "
C:31:23 Supply reel fault
C:32:23 " "

For newer models, the slide chassis will need to be replaced. However, with the cost of parts and labor to perform this repair, replacing the entire mechanical assembly might be the best solution. It's an expensive repair and is model dependant. Parts start at $125, and labor is most always major. For older models the reel tables and/ or idler are suspect, as well as the mechanics surrounding them. It's also possible that the reel sensor themselves are at fault. Intermediate to major labor. Parts average $65.00.

          C:32:30 Capstan fault  ^ Top

Most of the time the capstan motor is suspect, and may have to be replaced. However, with newer models, replacing the entire mechanical assembly is the best long term solution. Parts start at $125, and labor is major. For older models, the capstan can be replaced individually. Figure on $65 (average) for the capstan motor and labor is almost always major. Some models produced this error when there was a problem with cold solder on a PCB. Labor for these models will be intermediate to major.

          C:31:40 Drum fault  ^ Top
C:32:40 " "

Majority of the time, the drum is defective and needs to be replaced. Drums are getting expensive, as manufacturers are starting to dictate what type of camcorders they want us to use. Shortly, there will be no more new video heads. Used will be the only game in town. Drums were reasonable, costing as little at $41.00. The same drum today costs near $160.00! I use to like Sony, but they tripled and quadrupled the cost of many of their repair parts in a 3 month span in 2012. Labor is almost always major. Good used drums can be had for $90 or less. If we replace them, the warranty we put on them is better than if you bought new!

         Intermittent Sound in Playback  ^ Top

Over time and with use, parts begin to wear. Just sitting in the closet causes problems. "But is was working when I put it up..??" is a very common complaint. Electronics have to fail at some point. Mechanical parts are also susceptible to time. Plastic parts crack, rubber parts dry out. We replace all the parts that normally fail or wear out over time. Depending upon the model, you can expect to pay an average of $75 for parts and labor can be intermediate, but more often than not it's major. Other causes for this problem can be as simple as tape residue build-up on the drum and/ or tape path. Other times, there are parts that need to be replaced. Canon camcorders are known for having tape residue build-up, causing this symptom - though any brand and model can present these symptoms.

          Intermittent Blocky Playback   ^ Top

Common causes for this problem are: Worn parts in the mechanics that throw off the alignments. A very dirty tape path can also cause this problem. Worn heads is another. A very common problem with older models is 'cold solder'. Re-flowing the affected area alleviates the problem from ever re-occurring. Labor is typically major, and parts are model dependant.

          No Picture in Camera mode  ^ Top

This problem is typically one or two things. Many times there are bad electrical connections causing this problem. Expect to pay minor to intermediate labor for this type of problem.

The CCD imager can be defective. Labor is typically intermediate, and the CCD imager's cost is model dependant.

The lens can also be at fault. Try this: When looking down the lens, turn the power on and see if you can see the iris open. You may have to try a few times. It's OK to use a flashlight. The iris will protect the CCD imager. You can also zoom in or out for a better view. If the iris doesn't move, the lens has a problem. Lenses can be repaired - other times they have to be replaced. If the iris is moving, then it's a 90% chance the problem is the CCD. Cost, as above.



          Tape Stuck.  ^ Top

With newer models, it's possible that the entire mechanical assembly will have to be replaced. Other causes are: Bad tape, bad capstan motor, bad loading motor, bad cam switch. There are others, but usually the camera has to be inspected on the bench to find the underlying cause. Labor is intermediate to major. Parts will have to be determined once it's on the bench.

           Washed Out Picture in Camera Mode ^ Top

Defective CCD imager. This is the device that 'sees', directly behind the lens. Labor is typically intermediate, and the CCD imager costs about $45- $65.00.

          Weird Streaked Picture in Camera Mode ^ Top

Defective CCD imager. This is the device that 'sees', directly behind the lens. Labor is typically intermediate, and the CCD imager costs about $45- $65.00.


          How much do you charge for estimates?  ^ Top

$30.00. A modest sum, wouldn't you agree? The estimate, if paid in advance, is applied to the cost of repair. Should you approve the repair estimate, this estimate fee is waived. That's fair, isn't it?

I've never been a fan of free estimates. It's a way some try to get more business. It takes a certain mentality to offer free estimates. Use caution, you do get what you pay for.


          How much do you charge for return shipping?  ^ Top

Typical shipping costs are $15.00 - $16.00. This cost goes slightly higher for more expensive cameras, to cover the cost of insurance.

If you'd prefer to use a different shipping carrier, or if you'd like us to use your account number when shipping, simply let us know...

Once your contacted with the estimate, simply let us know what method of UPS return shipping you would prefer. If there is no preference mentioned, we automatically ship regular UPS GROUND, insured for value.

          What do I do next?  ^ Top

If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service navigation link above, to continue.

           Labor Rates  ^ Top
    Analog Digital  
  Camcorder Cleaning
$40 $60  
  Camcorder Repair - (Minor)
$60 $90  
  Camcorder Repair - (Major)
$90 /up $120 / up  

Labor Rates Exclude Parts
All Camcorder Repairs Include Cleaning, Lubrication, and a Six Month Warranty!
Ask about our optional One Year Warranty.


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