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With over 35 years of professional experience in Sony Camcorder Repair, you'll be hard pressed to find a more competent repair service center for your Sony Camcorder. With outstanding customer service and extraordinary workmanship guarantees, you'll get more usage out of your camcorder, and hang on to more of your hard earned money.

You can find our labor rates here, so the only question would be the cost of parts. Once your unit is on the bench, we'll be able to determine just that, and contact you via e-mail with all of the costs involved, and how long your unit's stay with us, will be.

We do all we can to make the repair process painless as possible.

How much do you charge for estimates? 
How much do you charge for return shipping? 
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What are your Labor Rates?

error codes


         Intermittent Sound in Playback  ^ Top

Your camera has what are called 'common failure', or 'common wear' parts in the mechanics that are in need of replacement. When these parts wear over time and with use the alignments begin to drift. The camcorder was designed to compensate for these drifts, but when these parts start going bad, the camcorder cannot compensate any longer, and that’s when you'll have mechanical errors, or you'll see a problem in the picture, or in the sound, or a combination of each. These problems are directly related to worn/ failed parts in the mechanics.

Instead of changing one or two parts that are currently defective, we replace ALL the parts that normally wear out, or commonly fail. The mechanism is broken down to remove the defective parts. It's a time consuming job - done with great care. While the chassis is broken down we remove old dried grease and replace it with fresh. Once the parts are properly replaced, alignments are performed to your camera back into factory spec.


Intermittent Blocky Playback  

Common causes for this
problem in tape based camcorders are the tape itself, dirty heads or drum, and in many cases there are parts that must be replaced as described just above in "Intermittent Sound In Playback".

A very common problem with older models, especially Sony Hi-8, and Sony Digital 8 camcorders, as well as older mini-DV JVC camcorders, is 'cold solder'. Re-flowing the cold solder takes care of the problem in may cases. Labor is typically major, and if the problem is 'cold solder' the parts cost is negligible..

No Picture in Camera mode  ^ Top

ost older camcorders from all the major brands had a run of bad CCD imagers. By replacing the CCD imager and performing the alignments, the camera is brought back to life. While we did go through the expenses buying a lot of these CCD imagers, the stock is dwindling. Many models simply don't have these parts available any longer. Simply contact us and we'll let you know if we can help you. Expect to pay intermediate to major labor for this type of problem.

Newer camcorder models may have a defective iris inside the lens. Other times this problem can be 'cold solder'.

Labor is typically intermediate to major with the cost of parts model dependant.

Tape Stuck  ^ Top

With most newer tape based camcorders the entire mechanical assembly needs to be replaced. While the chassis can be repaired, it makes sense to replace the whole thing with brand new. If you get it fixed, you're leaving yourself open to other failures - which will happen in short order. If you want the camera to be reliable for years running - replace the whole thing if it's available. If you want to save money and get the replaceable chassis repaired - remember I told you so!

Labor is intermediate to major. Parts are model dependant. Simply contact us and we'll be happy to tell you what you can expect to pay.

Washed out - streaked picture in camera mode

In o
lder models this is typically a defective CCD imager. This is the device that 'sees', directly behind the lens. Labor is typically intermediate to major and the cost of parts are model dependant.


How much do you charge for estimates?  ^ Top

$30.00. A modest sum, wouldn't you agree? The estimate, if paid in advance, is applied to the cost of repair. Should you approve the repair estimate, this estimate fee is waived. That's fair, isn't it?

I've never been a fan of free estimates. It's a way some try to get more business. It takes a certain mentality to offer free estimates. Use caution, you do get what you pay for.


How much do you charge for return shipping?  ^ Top

We generally use UPS to do all of our shipping.  Their rates are a little higher than Priority Mail, but the cost of insurance is much less than that of the USPS.  On average, return shipping with insurance costs between $15 - $20.  This includes a buck for the new box, bubble bag, and packing material. For the heavier, more expensive cameras, return shipping costs do increase, depending upon both their weight, and value.

What do I do next?  ^ Top

If you would like to use our services, simply click here, or click the Repair Service navigation link above, to continue.

Labor Rates  ^ Top
    Analog Digital  
  Camcorder Cleaning
$40 $60  
  Camcorder Repair - (Minor)
$60 $90  
  Camcorder Repair - (Intermediate)
$90 $120  
  Camcorder Repair - (Major)
$120+ $150+  
  Labor Rates Exclude Parts.
All Camcorder Repairs Include Cleaning, Lubrication, and a 6 Month Warranty


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